Tigers Girl’s Tennis Season Ends In The Individual Section Tournament
Albert Lea Tiger Girl’s Tennis team recap from the individual tournament:
First round matches:
Steph Vogt (Albert Lea) lost to Domiano Baideme (Lakeville North)
0-6 0-6
Hannah Willner and Marissa Hanson (Albert Lea) lost to Annie Doyle and Sammy Roy (Lakeville North)
0-6  1-6
Lilly Hyke and Bree Weilage (Albert Lea) lost to Aoife Loftus and Jorden Ruskell (Mayo)
0-6 0-6
Alyssa Jensen (Albert Lea) won to Grace Abdelkarm (John Marshall)
6-3 6-3
2nd round matches
Alyssa Jensen (Albert Lea) lost to Keira Kelly (Lakeville North)
0-6 0-6