Bulldog Volleyball 3-0 After win Against Bishop Garrigan

Story From Head Coach Jim Boehmer
Lake Mills 3-0 over Bishop Garrigan
25-17, 25-12, 25-15
Lake Mills moves to 3-0 overall and in the TIC West
I thought we played very well tonight in nearly every phase of the game.  The girls were playing with some emotion and some energy.   I always know this is a big match.  It never matters what the situation is you have to be prepared to play with the Golden Bears.
Assist: Karli Helgeson 31.  Karli keeps working and has been a bright spot for us.  She is getting her hitters to run fast and she moves the ball around well.  We are starting to become a pin-to-pin team.   We have to keep working to read opposing blockers and we can add another element to our game.
Kills: (team 34)
Ellie Hanna 11
Ella Stene 9
Dottie Byars 7
Ava Moen 4
Finley Rogstad 3
I like how we moved the ball tonight and that each front-row player was swinging to score.    The 1st set was not real efficient but we got better as the night went on.  Again, we have to clean up the little things and know when to adjust our swing on every set.   15 kills in the middle and 16 kills on the left side.  That’s a nice balance.   We preach that.  We have to find our hitters in the back row more but that is something we need to work on.
Hanna 3
Moen 1
Helgeson 2
It seemed like we had very timely blocks tonight.  We forced them to hit around us or tip and our backcourt played it well.  We didn’t provide many holes in the defense.
Natalie Brandenburg 3
Brynn Rognes 5
Helgeson 3
Taylor Vanek 4
Rogstad 5
Byars 2
Natalie and Taylor are starting to become a team on the floor and they take great pride in extending plays.  Add in Brynn and Finley and we can put together a solid defense.   Our serve receive was better tonight and it has to continue to improve as our schedule gains strength.
Byars 9-11, 1 ace
Vanek 16-16, 1 ace
Helgeson 13-14, 3 aces
Hanna 10-12, 2 aces
Brandenburg 10-10, 2 aces
Rogstad, 10-10, 1 ace
Only 5 missed serves helps after 11 missed serves on Tuesday also in 3 sets.  Some were at times when we have to be better but overall a great night serving.  69-74 as a team.  I will take 93 percent with just over 3 aces per set.  3 girls were perfect on the night and they hit their locations well.
They have kept their minds on getting better and that’s what we need.
I love our team’s emotion and excitement.  We have to stay focused on the process each day in order to continue to improve.  Saturday will be more than just a test.  It will be a gauntlet with 5 3A teams with one of them being rated number 4.  I want to compete with bigger schools so this is our chance.