Mother, son accused of swindling more than $600,000 from employer

A mother and son are accused of swindling more than $600,000 from the Fairmont trucking brokerage where they were employed.

Vickie Kay Greiner, 62, of Fairmont, was charged last week with felony theft by swindle in Martin County Court.  Her son, Brandon Lee Greiner, 34, of Fairmont, of charged with felony aiding and abetting theft by swindle. Additionally, the mother and son each face a felony count of theft.

According to a criminal complaint, the owner of Commodity Services reported to Fairmont police in Dec that Vickie Greiner had admitted stealing money from the company after she was confronted about a number of suspicious transactions from 2022.

The owner told investigators that there had been electronic transfers into the personal bank account of Vickie Greiner, who was a salaried employee and was paid only with paper checks.  Vickie handled all accounts payable and receivable, according to the complaint.

Several days later, the owner reported that Greiner had deposited money into the account of her son Brandon, who was also employed at the brokerage as a salesperson.

A report from Vickie’s bank determined she had transferred $349,813.95 from Commodity Services into her bank account between May 2019 and Dec 2022, according to the complaint.  Investigators say Vickie returned $244,000 in response to a demand from the company’s attorney.

Commodity Services reported to police that Brandon had received $268,287.48 in unauthorized funds from the company in just over a year.

Investigators say Vickie Greiner had created a duplicated vendor account to make electronic transfers from the business account to her and her son’s personal accounts.

Vickie Greiner also received three transfers totaling $182,355.41 from her son in 2022, according to detectives.