MnDOT to start bridge inspections in southeastern Minnesota April 3rd

Motorists in southeast Minnesota should be alert for Minnesota Department of Transportation bridge inspection crews working on the roads beginning April 3 as they evaluate approximately 1,120 bridges during the season.

MnDOT bridge inspectors will evaluate approximately 410 structures for MnDOT and 640 bridges for cities and counties during this season. The inspections are routine to ensure safety and monitor the effects of traffic, weather, and other elements on the structure.

The first inspections are scheduled for the city of Rochester at four locations in the city on Monday, April 3.

MnDOT uses a snooper truck for bridge inspections that have high vertical heights or span areas that make it difficult to inspect it underneath. A snooper truck is a specialty vehicle that has a multi-jointed arm with a basket attached at the end to hold the bridge inspectors. The equipment allows the inspection team to maneuver under the bridge, while the truck is parked on the bridge deck. Motorists should watch for lane closures when bridges are scheduled for inspection.

Inspections with the snooper truck start the season and continue into May at 71 different locations.

MnDOT will be inspecting Mississippi River bridges in June in Wabasha on Hwy 60 and Winona on Hwy 43 for its annual reviews of those bridges.