Meet Previous Produce State Bank Athlete of the Week, Albert Lea Senior Volleyball Player, Annika Veldman

Here’s Bio written by our Athlete of the week, Annika Veldman

I’m a senior, middle hitter, and have been playing vb for 7 years now. My coaches and teammates have taught me so much about the game and life in general and my parents and family have always been there to support me at every game! This year has been one of my favorite seasons and I am so glad I got my senior volleyball season. This has made me want to work even harder and push myself because I know nothing in life is a guarantee. As a team, we’ve grown into more of a family and have started to work well together. I love all of the memories we have made as a team and how close we have all gotten to each other. This season has brought so many smiles and laughs and I couldn’t ask for a better senior year of volleyball. Next year I plan on studying biology but have not decided where yet. I’m so thankful for my high school experience and can’t wait to see what my future holds.