Mankato woman accused of hitting child in head with fire extinguisher

A Mankato woman is accused of hitting a child in the head with a fire extinguisher.

Morgan Elizabeth Westerfield, 31, was charged Tuesday with felony 2nd-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in Blue Earth County Court.

A criminal complaint says Westerfield began screaming out her window at a group of teenagers who were playing outside and roughhousing.  A witness told police she was using racial slurs.

The group apparently talked back to Westerfield, so she allegedly confronted them and retreated back to her apartment, where she retrieved a fire extinguisher.    The complaint says Westerfield began spraying the group and struck a juvenile female twice with the extinguisher.  Police say the victim had visible marks on her face.

Westerfield told police the group of teens was shouting racial slurs and fighting in the parking lot.  She said she was upset because she had young children inside.  The complaint says she admitted to shouting at the teenagers and said they responded by shouting racial slurs at her.  Westerfield told police she confronted the teenagers and said one of them dared her to hit them.  The complaint says she admitted to getting the fire extinguisher and spraying the teens. She told police the group began to attack her so she swung the fire extinguisher but was unaware if she had hit anyone.

Westerfield has also been charged with disorderly conduct.