Lake Mills wins 6 TIC West Title in the last 8 years with a win over Forest City in Volleyball
Lake Mills 25-12, 25-23, 27-25 over Forest City
LM 23-4 overall, 8-0 in the TIC West Overall and win the TIC West Title outright.
Since the inception of the TIC(2015)  LM has won 6 of 8 conference titles and is 62-2 in that span.
We had a wild night with lots of roller coaster moments,
Set 1: 25-12
We got out early 6-1 and helped set the tone emotionally for us.  FC got within 4 early but we never trailed and continued to build.  Everyone seemed on fire in set 1.  Ellie Hanna was finding the floor often in set 1 for us.  Ava Moen also had a good set 1 for us.
We had good energy, we were talking, and working as a unit.
Set 2:  25-23.
This set was back and forth with a series of short runs of 3 to 4 points most of the way.  We were tied at 9-9 before FC started to g on short runs and we never lead until late.  We trailed 18-21 when we took our first timeout.  We just needed to get some momentum and play with a bit more aggression.  We found ourselves down 19-23 at our 2nd timeout of the set.  Our focus was to just get back to what we had as a game plan.  We sided them out and Taylor Vanek went back to serve.  We scored 2 straight and FC took their 1st timeout.  We then scored 2 more before they took their 2nd timeout with the score tied 23-23.  2 more points and we closed out with 6 straight points to win.
Set 3: 27-25
This set was unique as we had early leads and actually, we were up big at 16-10 before FC took over the set.  They scored 10 of the next 12 points to go up 20-18 and had a ton of momentum.  After a very crucial call that should have put us within 1 at 21-22 we were trailing 20-23.  We took a time out and put the focus back on the girls to get back to being aggressive and limiting FC swings.  We proceeded to go on a 4-point run to go up 24-23 and then it was back and forth, point for point.  We were up 24-23, 25-24, each time Forest City answered.  But we closed it out with 2 straight to win 27-25.
We had lots of great performances on the night.
41 tam kills and well distributed by Karli Helgeson
Ellie Hanna 14
Dottie Byars 9
Ella Stene 8
Finley Rogstad 6
Ava Moen 3
*We need to continue to be a team that can play pin to pin and last night we did that very well. Karli did a great job running that offense.
Karli Helgeson 34 assist
Dottie 7-7
Taylor Vanek 18-19, 1 ace
Karli 14-14
Ellie 14-17, 2 aces
Natalie Brandenburg 11-12
Finley 7-7
*Solid serving night for us.  93% and we were trying to be aggressive.  We needed to hit our target locations a bit better but this part of our game was solid, once again.
Natalie 17
Brynn Rogness 2
Karli Helgeson 15
Taylor 11
Finley 5
Dottie 3
Ellie 7
One of our best defensive nights.  I was very pleased with everyone’s effort in the backcourt.  I just felt like the kids stepped up.  For Ellie to get 7 digs is big for us.  They hit around our blocks all night long but right into our defense and we were solid.
Very proud of the entire team for accomplishing this goal.  They set lofty ones so you have to honor each one you get.