Head Coach Jim Boehmer picks up Victory #950, Bulldogs beat Belmond Klemme in Opening round of Volleyball playoffs
Pictured Past and Present Lake Mills Players Celebrating Coach Boehmer’s 950th win
Class 2A Region 5 opening round
Lake Mills 3-0  25-16, 25-12, 25-11 over Belmond-Klemme
Bulldogs move to 30-7 overall to advance to Grundy Center Monday night
(Story from Head Coach Jim Boehmer)
Solid night for the girls tonight.  I think we played well overall.  We served very well, we handled the first ball well, and I thought we hit well.
Dottie Byars 8
Ellie Hanna 9
Ella Stene 13
Ava Moen 1
Finley Rogstad 3
Karli Helgeson 1
Karli 30
Finley 2
Taylor Vanek 1
Karli moved the ball around well and got it to both pins consistently.
Ellie 2
Karli 2
Team: 71-73 overall, 15 aces
Dottie 8-9, 2 aces
Taylor 26-26, 7 aces
Karli 8-8, 1 ace
Ellie 6-7, 1 ace
Natalie Brandenburg 13-13, 2 aces
Finley 10-10, 2 aces
Natalie Brandenburg 6
Brynn Rogness 3
Karli 1
Taylor 10
Finley 5
Dottie 4
I was very pleased with all of our hitters tonight.  They were very efficient and swung to terminate.  Dottie and Ella combined for 17 kills on the left side tonight.  They were moving the ball around, and they were swinging hard when they could.
Taylor Vanek was an offensive weapon at the serving line.  26 for 26 with 7 aces.   She was moving the ball around well.
Defensively we made some nice plays, Natalie ran some tough balls down tonight, and Taylor and Finley did a great job of seeing the hitter and being in the right position to dig balls.
The girls wanted to get to 30 wins and tonight they came out focused on that goal.  I am very happy for them and they deserved this.  We have had some ups and downs but the best rides have ups and downs so that’s just fine.