Southern Minnesota has a round of wild weather set to impact the region this week.

The National Weather Service, Twin Cities reports a “powerful storm” with “multiple weather hazards” will hit the area Tuesday and hang around until Friday.

Severe storms, including the risk of tornadoes, are possible on Tuesday evening, according to NWS.  Severe threats with the storm could potentially include tornadoes, hail, wind, and flooding.

From Wednesday night to Thursday night, wind gusts up to 50 mph are expected to lash the area.  Not only will southern Minnesota be contending with powerful winds, but temperatures will drop, too.  The overnight low in Mankato will plummet to about 29 degrees on Wednesday, and it’s expected to remain cold.  NWS’s outlook for April 16 to April 20 says temps will be 80% to 90% below normal.

It does appear that any significant snowfall will stay north of Mankato, so the southern part of the state can keep the snow shovels hanging in the garage…at least for this April storm.  But keep ’em handy. At the rate this “spring” is going, you might be needing ye old snowblower come May.